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October 2018
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 Looking for worthy men/women

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Undead Sandvich


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PostSubject: Looking for worthy men/women   Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:54 pm

Steam name: [NK]Undead Sandvich[S]

First name:Ryan

Administrative/leadership experience: If you look on my admin application thats on this forum you will see what administrative/leadership experience I have had.

Notorious Knights rank: Currently Im a soilder.
Maturity level: Im quite frankly very mature, not trying to brag but yes I can handle most situations and jobs in a responspable and mature way.

Microphone(yes/no): Yes

Age: 17 (18 on august 3rd)

Why should I accept you?(1 paragraph minimum): For starters I have many skills including strong leadership, I can map, set up some things for a group or clan, Im either friends or good friends with about 98 percent of the council, generals and NK server owners, and since my last group Bit gaming died out Ive fully dedicated myself, contacts, and skills to make NK and its community better.

How active are you in garrysmod/steam: If you look on my profile page on steam and see the hours I have on gmod that should be ehough to convince you but if thats not ehough I go on most of NKs servers daily or whenever is possible. I also download quite a few of the latest maps for gmod whenever they show up on garrysmod.org.

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Looking for worthy men/women
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