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December 2018
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 My history

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PostSubject: My history   Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:39 pm

Let me see if I have any saved documents...

Well letza see. 2005 started my first leadership of squads in call of duty the original with my bro.
I played runescape at the same time. Eventually i moved onto Gmod 10 right when it came out with hl2. There started a long long period of time. See i started with gmod playing on my own sandbox with my own server were my bro and real life friends hung out. after a long time of this i played lots of gamemode zombie surival stranded, then came darkrp. I instanly turned into a gang leader even though i was the mayor XD. We would walk down the streets shooting people down. I eventually met 2 people there. Stock and Zombiedance who are both in the NK but never where in the CA. After that i made my own server again played with zombiedance all the time playing fort wars and crap. The got boring started playing shams darkrp on downtown then was one of those servers were you got a awsome community of people and its just fun as hell. Got sick of gmod all together started play Company of Heroes. After a long time of that i came back to Gmod... I joined the CA, rose from the lowest rank to the top, road the clan till it died and formed the NK. I have a typed up history of the CA i gotta find that sometime. That story is a crazy one. Well there we go ill post the CA history later.

The CA and NK history

CA originally started on a fight to survive server, but eventually died out. Where Spartan and DV joined the CA.
Caboose finds himself on the Vigilante server, where Ento, Donkey, Bloodwars (AKA Allusional), and many others quickly join him.
Ento makes a base in the sky where caboose eventually builds a giant tower that attracts many people. Thus began the rise of the Dark Army
Dark Army takes over the Vigilante Server lead by Caboose.
The CA returns, and has it’s first server on Knifedead’s Darkrp Server
2nd CA server is created by DJ Dazzlebean.
CA’s first in game meetings begin.
DJ’s server is lost because owner gets mad at Spartans abuse of power! (CA general)
Donkey makes the new main CA darkrp server.
Ento and Pinpoint (dragon kitty) create the first CAdarkrp!
Helicopter mod is introduced to the CA, and CA airforce is led by Dragonegg appointed by DV. *CA at its highest point*
Donkeys makes the first FTS server. (sandbox)
School starts.
Freedom Puppies joins the CA…
Freedom Puppies is kicked out of the CA and forms the FPA.
The FPA rapidly grows and the CA decides to attack.
One of the higher ranking members is Ladygaga
Ento is sent on a 3 month spying mission on the FPA by Caboose.
Meanwhile Caboose does a full force attack on the FPA servers.
Caboose and the CA army battles the FPA army.
CA calls off all attacks against the FPA and Entos 3 month mission is canceled.
Ento rages and forms the “NK” and gathers a special army. Make a server with the Scream and mass recruits. Andriko joins the NK.
The attacks of FPA servers!
Not long after freedom surrenders. All NK soldiers go into the CA and Ento promoted to general!
Freedom rejoins the CA and the CA gets all his servers. Freedom leaves again and attacks CA.
DV Retires – Tragedy D:
CA ignores FPA till they get bored and give up. Donkey and Ento convince FPA members to join the CA, and FPA 2nd in command (purpleshark) kicks out all the FPA members.
The CA’s first war victory!!!
CA takes a break. Slapchop’s server is created. (the last one left)
After break Donkey buys a new server and Ento creates Battlerp.
Donkey and Entos server gets popular!
Summer progresses, and more members join CA, and more servers open. Snipeorama joins the CA. Ento leads the CA through the summer.
After a while Donkey is gone, and Caboose is rarely on and Ento is the last active leader.
School starts, and Ento’s activity goes down and Caboose appoints Snipe to lead the CA with out telling ento.
Due to a massive confusion Civil War breaks out between Ento and Snipe.
Eventually it ends no big battles really and the CA has 2 servers left.
Slap Chop being the fat fucking dumbass he is starts mouthing off to ento and ento tells him to take his server and ram it up his ass. The CA has 1 server left. Flamedog pretends to take his server away from the CA ?!
Caboose comes out of no where has a conv with ento and shuts down the CA in the middle of their chat.
Caboose demotes from group officer to stop from keeping the CA. A bunch of people say ento is a shit leader >Sad
CA splits into 3 groups: Bit 182 and NK. Bit is dead and i think 182 is dead too?
Ento reforms the NK hiring lady gaga as a co leader. NK has one server (FTS) this entire time. Freedom comes back and ento and him become friends and decided to make a new clan LnG and make a butt load of servers. So the NK leadership Donkey Lady gaga and Ento group up with Freedom and Doodle.
Doodle and Ento don’t get along XD After LnG starts and has 2 servers freedom takes his servers.
At some point Ladygaga quits the NK and forms a group called Cell (still exists)
Ento teams up with Donkey and Doodle and makes the NK AGAIN.

Last edited by Entomologist on Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:40 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Mr Schnauzer

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PostSubject: Re: My history   Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:58 pm

but we should play rs sometime Smile

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PostSubject: Re: My history   Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:39 am

You did play on Vigilante's DarkRP for a bit. I know because you kept imprisoning me and forced me to take drugs. With Toaster that is.
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[NK] Iron Man [G]


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PostSubject: Re: My history   Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:12 am

I remember all that! First day I got gmod I joined CA back when we had the dictator RP. Man those were the days. But there are a few things on my history.

Woolsey (Iron Man) joins the CA under the name [CA] Medic.
"Medic" moved up the ranks, and changed name to Woolsey.
Woolsey was all of a sudden a big name, and everyone thought who was this guy?
Donkey grows a hatred in Woolsey, since he was a "faggot" with a mic.
Ento meets Woolsey, and for some reason.....Ento never abused him....Yes I admit Ento you were very abusive on screams server even though you were like co-owner, but I dont know why but it seemed like you just had a liking for me...idk
Donkey continues to hate on Woolsey, so Woolsey donates on his serv to shut him up (and cuz he craved admin).
Woolsey has a HUGE absence and when he comes back The CA has a shitload of announcements posted by Snipeorama and the group has lost about......150 members. he sees that he has been into a group called The [NK].....Ento explains it is a CA group for loyal soldiers that act as spies. Woolsey joins, then has another absence (from gmod only though) and he checks back to see The CA is done. Woolsey seeks ento's guidance, and changes his name to Iron Man, joins Lng and AGAIN has another absence. When he comes back ento is pissed with LnG so Iron Man follows because he always liked Ento the best (even more then Caboose at some times). Iron Man joins NK and has a smaller absence and when he came back on that day....he saw the announcement for council "tryouts". Iron Man hoped he would get in the council and Ento would see that he was loyal all those long years (lol like 2 years though) Ento automatically make him a general, and that was good enough for him.....

And So, It began....

Yeah I know I skipped around a lot and some things aren't in order but whatever, it happened like that.

Oh and I forgot when I joined I was a major part in the FPA war. Yes no one knew but I created another account and bought gmod and spied on FPA. ( I joined an actually became a medium rank operative)
The Info I gathered could not be used since no one respected Privates, and no one would listen so I gave up and deleted the account...but I ended up giving some info to caboose because believe it or not we were kinda "close". But thats when he was like "Lets all sit on our asses and wait! XD" (Yeah I know that was actually ento but whatever it still kinda pissed me off)

Ok now its late and I gave way to much detail so I am done.
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Location : Florida keys

PostSubject: Re: My history   Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:29 pm

Doodle history Very Happy

Got gmod i was about 17 wasnt reallly into gmod, found a server FPA It was new. met The owner Freedom puppies. started geting closer and closer 2 months play on fpa and i was promoted to Admin. joined the fpa and freedom and white shark pulled me aside and said lets fuck with some bitch ass kids. joined a steam chat with them 3 and changed our named and just fucked one of CA'S server 4 months now FPA is growing, our server is always full and were rolling like big dogs. 2 weeks later White sharks leaves and Doodle is promoted 2nd im command of FPA :DDDDDDDD. doodle and freedom start fucking up others server and taking shit that we were not subpost to. freedom aims at CA with one last blow. 9 months later CA falls. and fpa gets hit buy a faget ming bag. fpa is over. me and freeodm go to hells gaming and become admin for 4 months untill they banned us for stealing. me and freedom stay friends and we go to LnG. there we see old CA people that dont like us me and freedom say fuck them. me and freedom kinda leave LnG. i come back to NK and were here now. yeh im missing some parts but those parts are private......
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Age : 23
Location : Virginia

PostSubject: Re: My history   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:09 pm

Now that I look at this, the CA, NK, BiT, FPA, 182 is very odd...Odd indeed. I was in IronicGaming. a bunch of crap went down that if I explained it would take up a whole page.

Edit: Here it is short and sweet.

Furries+Trolls+Hackers+Ddosers+More trolls+Owner becomes real dumbass = Dead community which has tried to be revived 3 times including my attempt.

I could've gotten back up...damn credit card hijackers...
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PostSubject: Re: My history   

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My history
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